Security SolutionsAt Gold Shield Technologies, we understand that all communities; whether they are big or small; rural or urban, are faced with criminal activity. The main goal of BlueLINE™ software is to protect the officer and the public by getting the criminals off the streets.


We have all heard the saying, “Knowledge is POWER.” In the arena of Law Enforcement and Public Safety this statement could not be truer. Officers in the field need to be given up to date, reliable information from multiple sources. Today’s technology makes this possible.


Gold Shield Technology works with our customers to develop, implement and manage proprietary software solutions and reliable network communications solutions that fit and solve the specific challenge at hand, whether large or small.





BlueLINE Query™


Digital MapBlueLINE Query™ allows access to secure database throughout the country including NCIC, NLETS and State CJIS data. License and registration checks * DMV Photos * Wanted Persons * Stolen Vehicles * Criminal History * Stolen Guns * Sex Offender * Drivers History * Boats * Stolen Articles * Pawn Shops * Protective Orders * Gang Members * Stolen Securities * Missing Persons * Administrative Messages *


**Some queries are state CJIS specific.








BlueLINE Messenger™


MessengerBlueLINE Messenger™ is an internal, law enforcement only messaging system. A proprietary
system that allows “silent dispatching” to an officer on the road from internal machines.
Send individual messages or broadcasts to an entire agency or region of the state. Queries
that return an officer safety alert are automatically sent to all officers on the road.











BlueLINE Mapping™


MappingBlueLINE Mapping™ allows officers to see both street map and aerial views of any location.
Get up to date information on where officers are in the field heightening officer safety. Cut
response times by sending the officer who is closest to the scene.












BlueLINE Community™


CommunityBlueLINE Community™ is where it all comes together at the local level. Officers can sign
up for alerts for overtime/private duty jobs to be sent via email or SMS text messages.
Check the Agency Message Board for BOLOs, Alerts, or Department messages. Stop by
the training area and see what classes are available in your area.